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Here at YAS puppies, all of our, the most friendly
and professional staffs are making sure each puppies receives the best care as they deserved.
All of our puppies are vaccinated and are up-to-date.
The health certificate and vaccination will be given upon your time of purchase.

Shots are up-to-date

Before leaving our home, we ensure your puppy's vaccinations are up-to-date at no extra cost. The Certificate of shot records will be provided.

Vet checks

All of our, or your puppy's health and wellness is our highest priority! Veterinarian check-up and vaccinations are up-to-date.

Feeding Right

Eating proper food offers numerous health benefits that keep your puppy safe & healthy. All of our puppies are given 'Honest Kitchen Brand Food ' the best foods with a good nutrition for an optimal health.

What YAS Puppies's
Health Guarantee Covers

All Hereditary & congenital disorders

  • One year from the pick-up date
  •  Must have a proof

Cause of death due to genetics

It shouldn’t happen. However in case of your puppy develops any untreatable defect or death occurs you can make a claim for a full refund or an exchange. Must have a proof.

14 Days Any contagious illness

  • Any contagious illness of infectious disease will be covered
  • Must have a proof

What's required
to qualify?

Please make sure to read to review our policy.

Must bring your puppy to the vet
to qualify

Your coverage effective date begins on the first day of pick -up.  

All documents have to be written in English. Non-English documents must be translated and the translation must be notarized.

You have 7 days

to have your puppy examined by a professional licensed veterinarian.

You have 10 days

to send us a copy of exam result. You must apply within 10 days for any benefits.

You have 14 Days

Any contagious illness of infectious disease will be covered within 14 days. You must have a proof of illness or health condition from a licensed veterinarian.