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for a best friend?

Find out how to meet your puppy!
puppy explains about payment

Decide on which puppy you will bring to home. Read our policy before contact us. Please be consider that puppies  are ‘living organisms’, not an object. They feel or experience love and joy, loneliness, and fear, in much. 

Contact us at 213-454-0792 for more information ; videos & photos. Video chat is available upon request. 

We accept the most major credit cards, bank transfer and Paypal. 

10% minimum deposit is required to hold the puppy.

Must be paid in full at the time of delivery.

Are you ready to meet your true companion? Welcome home a little delightful fuzzy.

1. Las Vegas : Always welcome to make an appointment to meet and greet puppy in person.

2. LA Area : Drop-off Fees are included. No extra cost

3. All other area Fees vary depending on destination. 

Your puppy will arrive at the nearest airport to you. You will be guided on where to meet them! 🙂