Teacup Maltese Puppies

teacup maltese puppies beautiful image

Dog lovers love teacup Maltese puppies around the globe. They have a beautiful shape and a cheerful nature. Because of their smaller size, we often term these puppies as miniature or toy Maltese. Teacup Maltese possess a wide history of how they became the most charming dog type. In this article, we are about to share some useful information about Teacup Maltese. This will benefit you even if you do not have a Teacup Maltese Puppy at your home.

teacup maltese puppies beautiful image

History of Teacup Maltese Puppies

These tremendous tiny pups have a two millennium older history. According to the research, they found Maltese Dogs between 6000-8000 BC. As per their name, the dogs originated in Malta Island in the Mediterranean Sea. The name awarded to these puppies is because of the inspiration from that location.

Some breeders popularly traded the breed to other parts of the world, including Middle East, China, Japan, and the Philippines. The teacup Maltese puppies had their fame in several ancient dog lover cultures.

People from history believe that some ancient Greeks worshipped this dog as their god and painted him at a ceramic art showcase. Apart from all this fame, it is still not clear that today’s breed was Teacup Maltese.

Some breeders nowadays usually mix certain breeds like East Asia Miniature Dogs and Miniature Poodles to create new Maltese Species. They can preserve the Teacup Maltese breed in this way.

The modern-day Teacup Maltese puppies date back to the 19th Century English Breeders.

Feeding Teacup Maltese Puppies

Proper feeding is essential to maintain the good health of Teacup Maltese Puppies. For optimal physical and mental wellbeing, a diet meeting the nutritional requirements should be fed. Decisive factors of teacup Maltese puppy’s diet include activity level, age factor, and metabolism levels.

During pregnancy, a high-value nutritional diet is needed. A growing Teacup Maltese Puppy needs more food in proportion to their body weight every day.

Size of the Teacup Maltese

An adult Teacup Maltese can be 8-10 inches in height. However, a toy Maltese can still be a toy dog even after reaching its maximum adult size. Contrary to the regular Maltese, the full-grown Teacup Maltese is smaller and can be placed within a Teacup.

Shedding of Teacup Maltese

Teacup Maltese puppies do not shed a lot as other dogs since they do not have a typical undercoat like other breeds. They have silky, smooth, and straight hair that is reaching the ground.

The major con of their coat is that it can be dirty because of its white color. Their hair coat should be combed and groomed regularly to avoid mats. Doing so can give an attractive glare.

They can develop the hair mats because of their long hair. Remove them with the fingers and then apply some good quality conditioner.

Exercise & Care of Teacup Maltese

There is not much activity needed to keep them physically fit. Teacup Maltese are quite active, even indoors. However, the adult dog loves to play outdoors. We can take a full-grown puppy after out for a brisk walk.

We must not expose teacup Maltese to hot climates as they usually feel good inside the house. The weather must be favorable while the puppy’s training.

Life Extent of Teacup Maltese

Just like all other dogs, teacup Maltese puppies possess a shorter lifespan than humans. Therefore, their deaths are quite disturbing for dog lovers around the world. Their average extent of life is about 12-15 years. However, some dogs lived up to 17 years before dying their natural death. The female version has a longer life than the male counterpart.

We can extend the Teacup Maltese Puppies’ life by taking some proper care. Required nutritional diet and lots of exercises are the natural ways of increasing life expectancy. We highlight some workable tips

Dental Care

Maintaining oral hygiene is rough work for a dog owner but it is a fundamental health benchmark and easy to do activity.

Paying Vet Visits

Regular medical checkups with certified veterinarians are vital. The veterinarian will diagnose and devise proper medications if needed for your puppy.

Balanced Diet

You must not go for cheap food products as they pose a health risk. The dog food must be of outstanding quality. The nutritional values are important for the dog to grow and stay healthy.


Excellent exercises play a vital role in keeping the dog’s health in good shape. Enjoyable exercises must be done. The dogs can improve their strength, muscles, and vital organs like the heart and lungs.

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Health Problems

Because of the compact size of teacup Maltese, they are prone to some health issues. The most common Teacup Maltese puppies’ sufferings include weak bones, decreased blood sugar, heart issues, seizures, and some others. Not all Teacup Maltese puppies have health issues. They can likely develop at later stages, therefore regular medical checkups are important.

Buying a Teacup Maltese Puppy

You should buy the Teacup Maltese puppy from a reputed breeder. The health certificates must be checked as well. Yas Puppies brings you the best collection of premium teacup puppies. All the puppies come with a one-year health guarantee and are up to date on the shots. So get yourself a teacup Maltese and add fun to your life.

Final Words

Teacup Maltese is one of the most ancient dog breeds and famous globally. They are the most attractive, playful, and charming household dogs. You must buy new teacup Maltese puppies from a trustworthy source with proper certification. Proper care, exercise, and diet are viable for maintaining a healthy life and extending its span.


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