Teacup Maltipoo

teacup maltipoo

Teacup Maltipoo is the smaller and cuter version of the famous Maltipoo dogs. Teacup puppies are light in weight and weigh around 5 to 10 pounds or even lesser. However, they can be even lighter depending on the nature of the breed. Maltipoos are the result of the cross of Poodle and Maltese. Teacup Maltipoo possess an amazing amalgamation of Poodles’ non-shedding coat and Maltese’s cool temperament. This crossing makes them highly unpredictable. The proportion of genetic adoption from their parents is not equal. Some Teacup Maltipoos are more Poodles whilst others are more of a Maltese. These little creatures are vulnerable to many inherited health problems. In this article, we will shed light on the qualities of these little hybrid species.

teacup maltipoo

Methods of getting smaller Teacup Maltipoo

Primarily there are three ways to get cute teacup puppies. These methods include

  • Use of the smallest puppies for breeding
  • Employ the dwarfism genes
  • Runts of the litter

These methods have their pros and cons, which we will elaborate on further.

Crossing with Smaller Breeds

It is one of the methods of breeding Teacup Maltipoo. This includes crossing a standard Maltipoo with a different smaller one. The upside of this method is the reduction in health risk because of genetic variation. The downside is the unavailability of plenty of smaller Maltipoos. Alongside, the chances are rare when two breeds are crossed together. The resulting dog has not a guaranteed outlook, or it may adopt the face of his other parental breed.

The most common three mixed-breed versions are as under;

1. Maltipoo and Maltese Mix

To keep the original shape of the smaller Maltipoo, the breeders usually breed with the same little dog from the parent side. The smallest version of Maltese can be 5 pounds. The newborn Maltipoo born by mixing Maltese of normal size and Poodle of smaller size can reach up to 10 pounds. Here, the infant Teacup Maltipoo will closely resemble a Maltese. They adopt ¾ portions of Maltese. Therefore, the nature of a newborn is quite cool and playful. But they are likely to develop some genetic diseases like luxating patella (loose kneecaps), abnormal heart, and a problematic liver.

2. Maltipoo and Toy Poodle Mix

Here, the breeders choose Poodle as the other parent crossed with standard Maltipoo. So, we can say that this is another version of crossbreed using smaller Poodles to get miniature Teacup Maltipoo.

The Poodle is an optimum choice for breeding the Teacup Maltipoo breed. The height of Toy poodles is under 10 inches, and their weight is just 4 pounds. The resulting baby will resemble more like a Poodle. Toy poodles are highly intelligent and lovely puppies. But sadly they are prone to some diseases like hip dysplasia and eye issues.

3. Maltipoo and Chihuahua Mix

The smallest of all dog breeds is Chihuahua. Their size is only 5-8 inches tall, and their progeny will be of teacup size. So the breeders use this species to get the mini Teacup Maltipoo. Overall, they possess a good temperament but they inherit a little stubbornness from Maltipoo’s side.

Some genetically transferred diseases include problems with the heart, eye, and luxating patella. The resulting baby will be more Chihuahua in outlook rather than a Maltipoo.

Introduction of Dwarfism Gene

To restrict the dog’s growth, the breeders adopt this method. Dwarfism is a state in which the resulting dog has smaller legs and body. This procedure of breeding is unethical globally as it causes a lot of health issues.

Breeding from Runts

Another method of breeding Teacup Maltipoos is by mixing two runts. A runt means the smallest and less developed litter. The breeders can achieve an average teacup-sized dog by breeding runts up to two generations. The dogs produced in this way may develop an unhealthy immune system and heart disorders.

Training & Socializing of Teacup Maltipoo

Proper training and socialization of puppies from their younger age is important. Because of their smaller size and cuteness, many people want to hold them. If not properly trained, the puppies can fiercely bite. Therefore, it is advisable to make these little ones well acquainted with the social environment.

Miniature Dogs’ Pros and Cons

Having a teacup Maltipoo as a pet brings a lot of joy but it can bring some problems as well. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of having a teacup puppy as a pet.

  • The Upside

The Teacup Maltipoo possesses an overwhelming attractive cuteness. Their beautiful, large, dark eyes and soft fur look like a teddy bear dog. They do not need to be taken out for long walks as small size requires less exercise. These dogs eat less, occupy brief space so they are low maintenance pets.

  • The Downside

The frequent vet visits are complementary because of their risky health condition. These dogs are vulnerable to injury if fall from some height. These small dogs can be injured easily if handled roughly by children or adults.

General Care when handling Teacup Maltipoo

Because of their fragile nature, Teacup Maltipoos need a family that looks after them. The food specially designed for small dogs with outstanding quality is essential. They always need optimum exercise and playful activities alongside a peaceful environment at home.


Breeders get these adorable cute puppies by mixing the breeds in different ways. These dogs have certain problems as well. Fragile health is one of the most serious issues that have to be considered. If taken with desired care, they can be the best family pets.

If you want to get a teacup Maltipoo, you can get one from Yas Puppies. We have the best collection of teacup puppies available for you. All of our puppies are up to date on shots and come with a one-year health guarantee. So, get a teacup Maltipoo and add fun to your life.


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