Toy Poodle Puppies

toy poodle puppies

Toy poodle puppies are the smallest of all the puppies. They have a lovely and playful nature and keep you entertained and happy always. They can fit in any place due to their small size. They can even fit in your purse or backpack. This quality makes them a perfect companion puppy.

What is the difference between teacup poodle puppies and toy poodle puppies?

The size of a puppy decides if it is a teacup poodle puppy or a toy poodle puppy. Teacup puppies are not a pure breed of puppies and they are just selectively bred from the toy breed to get a smaller size of the offspring. For a puppy to be a teacup puppy, it must have a size lesser than 9 inches and weigh less than 6 pounds.

History of toy poodle puppies

Poodles are considered one of the oldest purebred dogs. Their country of origin is present-day Germany and they were raised as hunting dogs. Currently, poodles have become more of lapdogs instead of working dogs. They make perfect best friends of mankind so they are bred in smaller sizes.

General characteristics of toy poodle puppies

Toy poodle puppies are born in litters of two mostly but some litters can have more puppies than two. They weigh only around 2 pounds when they are born and never gain more weight than 6 pounds in their entire life. The friendly nature of toy poodle puppies makes them a perfect choice as a pet so they are a bit expensive. Moreover smaller litter size adds to their demand by the pet owners.

Toy poodle puppies always stand poised and alert, irrespective of their size. They have small eyes and furry ears. Eyes are dark and beautiful. They have a thick, curled coat and do not shed fur. So, poodles are hypoallergenic and make perfects pets for those with allergies. Toy poodles can have a variety of coat colors but mostly purebred puppies have solid coat colors like black, blue, white, gray, brown, etc.

The temperament of toy poodle puppies is identical to the poodle dogs having standard size. They are very loving and make perfect companions.

teacup poodle puppy

Wellness and Feeding

Toy poodle puppies are low maintenance pets and do not require much food or treats. Their calorie requirements are also low and just need approximately 250 calories per day. There are many foods available commercially that are prepared according to the nutritional requirements of toy puppies.

Toy and teacup puppies need to be fed more frequently than standard-sized dogs. You should feed your toy poodle puppy 4-6 times a day. Treats can also be given as a reward for good behavior.

Toy and teacup puppies struggle to keep their bodies warm. If you live in a colder area, provide a sweater or a jacket to your dog. Wrapping in a blanket at night will also help in maintaining body temperature.


Toy poodle puppies require little exercise due to their small size. They are perfect for all sizes of apartments. You should not walk them for more than 30 minutes a day. That too on a stretch. Divide their walking time into 3-4 short walks. Walking and exercising with your dog helps you build a stronger connection and brings many mental health benefits.

In covid-19 lockdown restrictions, people have been struggling to meet the exercise and walk requirements of their dogs. During such time, poodle puppies are the best pick for a pet because you don’t even need to step out of your apartment to exercise them. Their exercise requirements are effectively met while playing and running indoor.

Care should be taken while leaving toy poodle puppies alone because they are very sensitive and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long alone. You should train your puppy about socialization from a very young age. Moreover, it is advised that if you can’t be around your pet for the most part of the day, you shouldn’t buy a toy poodle.

toy poodle puppies


Health issues associated with poodle puppies

Small size and extensive selective breeding of poodle puppies can sometimes result in health issues. These issues are mostly related to the skeletal system and affect the joints. This can appear as a changed gait or lameness. Loss of photoreceptors resulting in blindness is another problem that your toy poodle puppy may face.

Life expectancy

Toy poodle puppies live for an average of 12 to 14 years. It is interesting to note that toy puppies outlive the dogs from the same breed having standard size. Keep your dog indoors for maximum time and do not let him interact with other dogs as they can transmit any germs or microbes which can cause disease.

Keep your puppy up to date on vaccination shots and visit your veterinarian routinely. These simple steps can help elongate the life of your best friend.

Final Words

Toy poodle puppies are very lovely and entertaining pets. If you take proper care of your dog, your best friend can live for 12-15 years. If you want to add entertainment and fun to your life, toy poodle puppies should be your choice. Click here to meet your dream puppy today.

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